The Impacts of Plastics

Written by FTA Member Amelia Musselman, the designer behind Elladora 

Apart from the function of fashion, the collection I have put together function to educate the world and support a movement of social and environmental responsibility. That is one of the reasons why I began working with plastics as a material. Well that and the guilt I felt every time I would throw one away or just stash them in the plastic bag cavern under my sink. I thought there has … Read the rest “The Impacts of Plastics”

Toronto’s First African Fashion Week

Toronto’s first Africa Fashion Week was held  on August 15-18 at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.

Throughout the 4 day celebration there were various events inclusive of fashion shows, student design competitions, a marketplace, lots of after parties and, the most exciting part for FTA, a dynamic panel hosted by Africa Fashion Guide.

Africa Fashion Guide is a social enterprise that promotes sustainability within Africa’s fashion and textile industry. It’s run by multi talented Jacqueline Shaw and is inclusive of … Read the rest “Toronto’s First African Fashion Week”

Sans Soucie Turns Waste into Wonders

Growing up in the 1980s “when recycling was being implemented,” was how Vancouver fashion designer Katherine Soucie first became waste-conscious.

Today Soucie runs Sans Soucie, her own label, which has followed a zero-waste design philosophy since its launch in 2003. Using unique materials, Soucie constantly educates consumers about eco-friendly fashion.


Soucie’s zero-waste design philosophy stems from working in a textile mill in Ontario, where she was first exposed to produced materials that were discarded at the … Read the rest “Sans Soucie Turns Waste into Wonders”

Behind the Seams with… Caterina Mazzotta

Welcome to Behind the Seams, where we chat with FTA designers to learn more about their business and views on sustainability.

Meet Caterina Mazzotta, the designer behind Kali Clothing.

FTA: What inspired you to start your line?

Caterina: I began making clothes for myself when I was in high school because I was unsatisfied with the conventional clothing I found in mass retailers and at the local mall. When I began to receive compliments and people started to ask … Read the rest “Behind the Seams with… Caterina Mazzotta”

Innovative Eco Fabrics That Are On The Rise

Fabric is one of those materials that seem impossible to live without; we wear it, sleep on it, sit on it, decorate with it, and some of us even dress our pets in it. Despite its enormous presence in our lives, many people rarely wonder about the effect this product is having on the planet. However, it’s clear that the textile industry needs some sustainable alternatives. Fortunately, there are a growing number of environmentally-friendly fabrics being developed, which will hopefully … Read the rest “Innovative Eco Fabrics That Are On The Rise”

Behind the Seams with… Amelia Musselman

Welcome to Behind the Seams, where we chat with FTA designers to learn more about their business and views of sustainability.

Meet Amelia Musselman, the designer behind Elladora.

FTA: What inspired you to start your line?

Amelia: I was inspired to create sustainable fashions in two ways while I was attending OCAD. First, we were always making little art and craft projects using new materials, and then once our projects were finished, I noticed most students were just tossing their … Read the rest “Behind the Seams with… Amelia Musselman”

What’s in You Lipstick?

There’s nothing pretty about some of the ingredients found in common cosmetics. The products that have become integral parts of the daily routines of millions, including shampoos, facial cleansers, and hairspray, often contain substances that can be extremely harmful, not only for the user, but also the people and the environment around them. Unfortunately, no amount of concealer can hide this ugly truth.

David Suzuki’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ list details the detrimental substances found in the cosmetics of thousands of surveyed … Read the rest “What’s in You Lipstick?”

Reducing Textile Waste

The apparel industry has been accused of being one of the most harmful global industries, not only because of the overwhelming presence of its products in the world’s landfills, but also because of the environmental impact of its manufacturing. Clothing production is an energy-intensive process that creates large emissions of volatile organic compounds and acid gases. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 13.1 million tons of textiles were trashed in 2010, crowding landfills and polluting the environment. 

The environmental … Read the rest “Reducing Textile Waste”

Fashion Takes Action at FAT

This upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day. You should certainly be counting yourself lucky if you are fortunate to spend the day with your Mom, or even luckier a Grandmother or Great Grandmother; brunches will be had and memories will be shared. It’s easy to take these opportunities for granted; in fact it’s easy to take a lot for granted when we live in a place that affords us the luxury of said brunches. From our loved ones to the food … Read the rest “Fashion Takes Action at FAT”

Bridal Eco Fashion

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding dress, but finding the perfect eco alternative is nearly impossible. Patty Nayel, the designer behind Pure Magnolia, saw a gap in the emerging eco fashion scene and wanted to spearhead the eco-revolution of the wedding dress.  

Pure Magnolia is a line of eco-couture wedding dresses designed by Vancouver, B.C. native, Patty Nayel. She decided to start creating sustainable wedding dresses for those women who are environmentally conscious and are aware of the social … Read the rest “Bridal Eco Fashion”