Month: April 2013

Take it Slow!

Slow. There’s calmness in the word, slowing our breath and being aware of our centre. The term, “slow fashion”, was first coined in 2008 by Kate Fletcher of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, and is about being mindful of how we design, consume, and dispose of fashion (1).

Slow fashion is much like slow food, the gentle braising of a beautiful organic cut of meat, simmering over six hours and appreciated with a lovely bottle of organic burgundy in the … Read the rest “Take it Slow!”

Fair Trade and the Fashion Industry

I was first introduced to the concept of fair trade in a first year global studies class; I was one of two hundred wide-eyed optimists, all-aspiring to change the world with little to no concept of our role in global inequality.  In an attempt at creating a foundation for leaning about global trade and inequality our professor asked us to locate the “made in…” tag on a piece of clothing. Without exception every student’s hand raised when he asked “ … Read the rest “Fair Trade and the Fashion Industry”