Month: May 2013

Fashion Takes Action at FAT

This upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day. You should certainly be counting yourself lucky if you are fortunate to spend the day with your Mom, or even luckier a Grandmother or Great Grandmother; brunches will be had and memories will be shared. It’s easy to take these opportunities for granted; in fact it’s easy to take a lot for granted when we live in a place that affords us the luxury of said brunches. From our loved ones to the food … Read the rest “Fashion Takes Action at FAT”

Bridal Eco Fashion

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding dress, but finding the perfect eco alternative is nearly impossible. Patty Nayel, the designer behind Pure Magnolia, saw a gap in the emerging eco fashion scene and wanted to spearhead the eco-revolution of the wedding dress.  

Pure Magnolia is a line of eco-couture wedding dresses designed by Vancouver, B.C. native, Patty Nayel. She decided to start creating sustainable wedding dresses for those women who are environmentally conscious and are aware of the social … Read the rest “Bridal Eco Fashion”

The Chemicals in Your Clothes

How were your clothes coloured? Many large clothing companies use synthetic dyes to colour their garments, which are often treated with toxic chemicals.

While being processed and manufactured, thousands of chemicals are used to treat the clothes, which affect factory workers, the environment and anybody wearing the clothes.

Image from Ecouterre

Chemicals used in the dying process

Aniline, dioxin, formaldehyde and heavy metals are some of the 8,000 chemicals found in synthetic dyes. Aniline is “used extensively in the Read the rest “The Chemicals in Your Clothes”