Month: July 2013

Behind the Seams with… Amelia Musselman

Welcome to Behind the Seams, where we chat with FTA designers to learn more about their business and views of sustainability.

Meet Amelia Musselman, the designer behind Elladora.

FTA: What inspired you to start your line?

Amelia: I was inspired to create sustainable fashions in two ways while I was attending OCAD. First, we were always making little art and craft projects using new materials, and then once our projects were finished, I noticed most students were just tossing their … Read the rest “Behind the Seams with… Amelia Musselman”

What’s in You Lipstick?

There’s nothing pretty about some of the ingredients found in common cosmetics. The products that have become integral parts of the daily routines of millions, including shampoos, facial cleansers, and hairspray, often contain substances that can be extremely harmful, not only for the user, but also the people and the environment around them. Unfortunately, no amount of concealer can hide this ugly truth.

David Suzuki’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ list details the detrimental substances found in the cosmetics of thousands of surveyed … Read the rest “What’s in You Lipstick?”