Bridal Eco Fashion

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding dress, but finding the perfect eco alternative is nearly impossible. Patty Nayel, the designer behind Pure Magnolia, saw a gap in the emerging eco fashion scene and wanted to spearhead the eco-revolution of the wedding dress.  

Pure Magnolia is a line of eco-couture wedding dresses designed by Vancouver, B.C. native, Patty Nayel. She decided to start creating sustainable wedding dresses for those women who are environmentally conscious and are aware of the social issues of garment production.

“I was well aware of how wasteful garment factories are on the environment, especially when it came to wedding dresses. I wanted to begin a shift in the wedding industry and chose to start designing my own socially conscious collection” Patty Nayel said. 

Her 2014 collection presents three unique collections: Pure Magnolia Classic, a line of timeless and beautiful gowns; Pure Magnolia Plus-Size, for women of any size who want to feel like a princess on their special day; and the new Modular collection, which takes a wedding dress from aisle to evening in one easy step.

Pure Magnolia uses sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics; silk from a family farm in India, salvaged fabrics, and vintage fabrics can, with a little creativity, be a new favourite dress instead of rotting in a landfill. Pure Magnolia’s production is based entirely in Vancouver, which eliminates shipping emissions, and the company employs a local cottage industry workforce. 

Patty’s love of technical design drew her into the challenging world of bridal, where she could explore her creativity and challenge her skills by creating beautiful and wearable eco-friendly gowns. 

The collection gives a fresh look to bridal by creating gowns and dresses that are outside the box. Always elegant, with a hint of classic, these gowns are sought after by contemporary brides. For more information, check out Pure Magnolia’s website or Etsy store.