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Kālī (काली) n. is the Hindu Mother Goddess who manifests nature’s duality. Often misunderstood as a symbol of death and destruction, Kali embodies change through the transformation of negative energies into creative and positive ones.


Kali creates meaningful fashion that combines style and ethics motivated by social responsibility.

Established in 2006, Kali is a contemporary brand focused on sustainable and seasonless clothing for women. As a Canadian company, all garments are produced with a social conscious and manufactured in sweatshop-free facilities in Toronto, Ontario, investing in local communities.

Each new collection from Kali is produced using sustainable materials such as Tencel®, also known as Lyocell, Mud Silk, Modal®, Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester.

Kali aims to educate consumers on the benefits of investing in sustainable designers that produce high-quality garments with the smallest ecological footprint.

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