How Much Did You Invest in Your Closet?

Fashion Takes Action (FTA) is a non-profit advocacy organization that helps raise awareness about how fashion impacts the environment. FTA works with both industry and the general public, with the goal to shift behaviour toward more positive social and environmental impacts.

When we pull an item off the rack at our favourite store, we typically don’t stop to think about how it got to the store, or how it’s made. We may look at the tag to check the size and see that it is “Made in China,” but we’re so used to seeing this phrase on our clothing tags that we don’t even think twice about it.

FTA educates us about the process of manufacturing our clothes — not to make us feel bad or guilty about our choices or for our previous lack of awareness for what goes on behind the scenes, but to empower us.  FTA empowers us to make better choices when it comes to fashion, but they don’t stop there. They also show us how we can make these better choices, and they give us the shopping platform to buy sustainable clothing made by selected designers on their new online store.

Most of us know that sustainable fashion reduces the impact on environment, from reducing waste and water usage, to eliminating pesticides. But how does it benefit us the consumer? There are many ways. Here are just a couple:

1)   Buy timeless, classic pieces that won’t be un-wearable next season. Fashion trends are often dictated by what celebrities are wearing, presented to us by the media across stylish glossy magazine pages. When you see a “knock-off” item in your favourite store you think, I have to buy this! And because it’s so inexpensive, you buy it. Then you bring it home and wear it a few times that season, only to pack it away a month or two later in a storage bin to “hibernate” for the next season. When you pull it out of the box a few months later to add it back to your closet, you are surprised to see that the item has lost its charm. It now looks dated, worn out, and sadly, out of style. With a tinge of guilt you throw it in a box meant to go to the Goodwill. Sound familiar?

Eco-friendly fashion, while fashionable, is not solely designed based on trends, particularly the revolving door that it has become – skinny jean, flare jean, pointy toe, square toe etc. On the contrary, most sustainable clothing involves smart design, meaning that it won’t go out of style—even after several seasons. Unlike the disposable trendy clothes that are often either thrown out or given away from year-to-year, sustainable clothing stands the test of time.

2)   Sustainable clothing = quality design. So, you’re back at your favourite clothing store and your eyes zoom in on a trendy top that is marked down to just $14.99. You think its an incredible deal and you can picture yourself wearing it and how good it would look on you. So you buy it in three colours, take them home and put them in the washing machine. When you take them out of the machine you notice that one has a small hole in it, the thread is coming undone at the seam in another, and a button fell off the third one. Taking the tops to the tailor for repair would cost more than they’re worth, so begrudgingly you throw them away.

Alternatively, had you paid a little bit more for a sustainably made piece of clothing that was not manufactured in an unethical or questionable working environment, where the workers were not exploited or pressured to produce enough pieces in one shift to meet their ridiculous quota, then it most likely would not have fallen apart.  You would feel good about what you bought and you would wear it with a sense of pride.

Now, you can buy these sustainable fashions conveniently on Fashion Takes Action’s online store, Sustainable Style. It’s a secure, and easy way to shop with free international shipping on all purchases.  So check it out! You won’t be disappointed.