Infographic on Green Manufacturing and Performance Over Time

Green manufacturing has grown over time, as people demand greener products manufacturers are having to progress with what the consumers want. As we strive to live in a more eco-friendly world it is good to see that manufacturers are changing their footprints and how they produce their goods, this all in turn helps protect the environment for the future.

The infographic you are about to see explores a number of green impacts. Firstly, it looks at the value of being green, what are the pushing factors behind what makes a manufacturer change its behaviour? Does this green change have a positive impact and is it providing more eco-friendly and sustainable products to consumers and how does this impact them over time.

As the infographic progresses through time, you shall see how countries performed with their carbon emissions output. As well as manufacturers pulling their weight so do countries have to, we are all responsible for how we pollute the environment and countries need to set a standard as to how they perform. On a world map you will witness the percentage change of carbon output by a number of countries, has the change proven to be better or worse for the environment; time will tell.

If the future is to stay greener then companies need to keep improving their green initiatives and goals. The infographic focuses on some of the best performing companies and which companies have made a big change that has won them green awards. This is the standard that has been set and we now await to see what will happen in 2013.

Infographic courtesy of  Distinctive Doors