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FTA Style is a social enterprise offering a one-stop shop for eco fashion run by Fashion Takes Action (FTA). FTA is Canada's premier non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in the fashion industry and motivates consumers to change their purchasing behaviour. Since we all wear (and buy) clothes, as customers, we have the power to make change happen. That power lies in our wallet. We can choose to buy local or organic, second hand or vintage, upcycled or reworked, and quality pieces that won't fall apart after you wear them twice.

We are so proud of our members who range from emerging designers keen to embrace social and environmental business practices, through to the pioneers of the sustainable fashion movement. This site houses individual "shops" for a group of our members, allowing them to bring their sustainable collections conveniently to you; and because they are members of FTA, you can trust that what you are buying is truly sustainable. Another bonus: a portion of every sale goes back to FTA so with every purchase you make, you are also supporting our non profit.

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